Friday, August 5, 2011

Operation Virgin Back

Countries that do not adhere to the principle of free sex assume that virginity was very expensive, because virginity can be regarded as a symbol of chastity and fidelity.
So do not be surprised if the person was a girl but it was not a virgin is considered as a cheap girl, maybe this assumption is valid only in countries that do not adhere to free sex.
Factors Lost Virginity
The loss of virginity, or tearing the lining of Hymen, not because of sex alone, apart from that there are other factors which may cause loss of virginity, including:

1. Fell
2. The existence of sharp or blunt objects that penetrate it.
3. Masturbation
4. Wearing pants that are too tight
5. The treatment is performed in the vagina,
6. Disease in the vaginal tract disorders
7. Strenuous activity that affects the female genitalia.

Solution When It's Not Virgin
Create a reader who thinks virgins are important, but unfortunately you're not a virgin and would like a virgin again, you should do the surgery virgin, because now the medical world has been able to restore virginity back, which connect again with a torn hymen.
Operations Process Virgin
Process of the hymen in the female organs does not take a long time, if you are super busy people do not worry, because there are hospitals that can restore the hymen in just 30 minutes.
Advantages Still Virgin
If you have never married, and you are still virgins and virginity would be given to your spouse, then your partner will feel satisfied and proud, because he got his wife was a virgin.

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